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Mamiya 645 Prime Lenses

Mamiya 645 Prime Lenses

Manufacturer Mamiya


Mamiya lensed many iconic images from the 70s / 80s & with TLS’s beautiful cinema rehousing, you now have the option to film using these medium-format lenses. With soft, multi-coloured flares, and front to back bokeh, they give interesting textures, and are perfect for those used to modern glass but want vintage quirks.

Focal Length ApertureClose focusFront DiameterWeight
17mmT3.328cm | 11"134cm1.7Kg
25mmT2.831cm | 12"95cm1.2Kg
32mmT2.336cm | 1'2"95cm1.3Kg
39mmT2.341cm | 1'4"95cm1.4Kg
57mmT1.664cm | 2'1"95cm1.3Kg
78mmT2.3110cm | 3'7"95cm1.2Kg
107mmT2.2115cm | 3'9"95cm1.8Kg


  • LPL Mount
  • Full-Frame
  • Soft Multi-Coloured Flares
  • TLS Re-housed

The TLS Mamiya 645 lenses gift the cinephile with Mamiya’s iconic medium format magic, offering so much more than cine functionality in ergonomic rehousing.

For a start, the out-of-focus rendering is clearly not from any modern lens, and their asymmetrical front to back bokeh provides character and texture yet remains smooth so as not to be distracting.

Another quality showing the excellence of TLS is the optical re-engineering that’s created better image consistency between focal lengths. There’s also a focal length reducer included, allowing the full medium format image to be rendered onto a FF cinema camera sensor. This work has naturally altered each lens’s focal length and speed, though they’re surprisingly easy to work with.

These lenses have a very high resolution, albeit with lowered contrast, and a gentle approach to the rendering of fine details. Although the off-axis fall-off draws the eye inwards, their soft, multi-coloured flares of purple, blue, lime, pink and gold (as well as the odd rainbow) mean they sit in the sweet spot of being modern whilst having just enough of a vintage look.

Two of the lenses have become famous: the fast 57mm T1.6 (f1.3) and the 80mm f1.9 that Wally Pfister used extensively to shoot The Dark Knight, which was shot on IMAX using these modified medium format lenses.

The Mamiya 645s are Ideal for those used to shooting with modern glass but are also looking for vintage aberrations.

Hire a Mamiya 645 Prime Lenses from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 25mm Mamiya 645 - T2.8
  • 32mm Mamiya 645 - T2.3
  • 39mm Mamiya 645 - T2.3
  • 57mm Mamiya 645 - T1.6
  • 78mm Mamiya 645 - T2.3
  • 107mm Mamiya 645 - T2.2
  • 17mm Mamiya 645 - T3.3

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