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Cooke S8/i Full-Frame

Cooke S8/i Full-Frame

Manufacturer Cooke


Cooke S8/i primes cover full frame and offer a very fast aperture of T1.4 allowing for incredibly shallow depth of field. All the glass in the lens is a spherical design which allows for imperfections at the edge of frame, giving a more organic vintage look to the lenses.

Focal Length ApertureClose focusFront DiameterWeight
25mmT1.455cm | 1'10"104mm2.4 Kg
32mmT1.465cm | 2'3"104mm2.4 Kg
40mmT1.465cm | 2'3"104mm2.3 Kg
50mmT1.470cm | 2'3"104mm2.1 Kg
75mmT1.480cm | 2'9"104mm2.4 Kg
100mmT1.485cm | 2'9"104mm2.4 Kg
135mmT1.4120cm | 4'104mm3.2 Kg


  • Full frame coverage
  • PL mount
  • Fully spherical design for organic images - Focus roll off, subtle vintage bokeh, slightly low contrast

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