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Ronford-Baker F7 Mark III Fluid Head

Ronford-Baker F7 Mark III Fluid Head

Manufacturer Ronford-Baker


This head employs a gate centred tilt and can be re-configured for portrait operation.


  • 150mm bowl base
  • Gate centred tilt
  • 7 stage pan and tilt fluid drag
  • Full 360° tilt depending on length of lens and camera
  • Modular design to change platform height and width
  • Can be configured for portrait operation

Hire a Ronford-Baker F7 Mark III Fluid Head from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • Head with 150mm bowl base and locking screw
  • Standard platform 3” wide
  • Wide platform 5 ¾” wide
  • Spacer block for wide platform
  • 2 ½” riser
  • Pan bar
  • Allen key
  • Ronford-Baker heavy or medium duty tall and short legs with ground spreaders

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