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RED Komodo 6K

RED Komodo 6K

Manufacturer RED


The RED Komodo is a very small and compact S35 6K camera that records RED Raw internally. The lens mount is Canon RF which allows it to be adapted to any mount type. It's incredibly small size makes it perfect for gimbal and drone work.


  • 6K Super35 Single Sensor
  • RF Mount (Kippertie PL and EF mounts with NDs available)
  • Cfast 2.0 Cards
  • Records RED Raw in HQ, MQ and LQ
  • High Frame Rate 40fps 6K, 48fps 5K, 60fps 4K and 120fps 2K
  • Global Shutter
  • Incredibly Small Body Design, Perfect for Small Gimbals and Drone Mountings

Hire a RED Komodo 6K from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x RED Komodo 6K
  • 1x Kippertie PL mount
  • 1x Wooden camera top plate and handle
  • 1x Vocas USP 15
  • 1x VCT-14 Plate
  • 1x SmallHD Indie 7 Monitor
  • 1x Wooden Camera Vlock plate
  • 1x Wooden Camera B-Box
  • 4x Cfast Cards
  • 1x Cfast reader
  • 4x IDX batteries
  • 1x IDX Charger
  • 1x Kippertie PL mount + NDs
  • 1x Kippertie EF mount + NDs
  • 1x Kippertie ND wheel clear-0.9 ND
  • 1x Kippertie ND wheel 1.2-2.1 ND

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