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Leitz Primes

Leitz Primes

Manufacturer Leitz


These full frame Leitz Primes have fast T stops of 1.8 and offer very high optical quality. They offer constant exposure and resolution across the whole image, impressive contrast, neutral white balance and pleasant subtle blooming in lens flares.

Focal Length ApertureClose focusFront DiameterWeight
18mmT1.835cm | 1'2"114mm3.2Kg
21mmT1.855cm | 1'10"114mm2.7Kg
25mmT1.855cm | 1'10"114mm2.8Kg
29mmT1.835cm | 1'2"114mm2.6Kg
35mmT1.845cm | 1'6"114mm2.8Kg
40mmT1.835cm | 1'2"114mm2.7Kg
50mmT1.847cm | 1'7"114mm2.7Kg
65mmT1.865cm | 2'2"114mm2.7Kg
75mmT1.875cm | 2'2"114mm2.8Kg
100mmT1.8120cm | 3'11"114mm2.7Kg
135mmT1.8120cm | 3'11"114mm2.9Kg
180mmT2.0150cm | 4'11"114mm3.1Kg


  • Full frame coverage
  • PL mount
  • High quality optics
  • Constant resolution across whole image
  • High contrast
  • Low distortion

Useful Information

Click here to read our detailed review of the Leitz Prime Lens Test to see what leading filmmakers think of these lenses.

The Leitz Primes, are a state-of-the-art lens set, gifting stunning images combined with a practical experience for filmmakers. With 12 focal lengths, ranging from 18mm to 180mm, hiring these cine lenses guarantees high-quality optics on-set as well as in post-production.

Refined, modern technology means the Leitz Primes ‘digital look’ means no breathing when racking focus, minimal distortion, and minimal chromatic defects.

The Leitz Primes give remarkable results in both natural and artificial lighting. They’re also an excellent choice for high-octane, action scenes, offering clear, atmospheric frames.

However, it’s in VFX and post-production where the Leitz Primes truly show their value. Across the entire range, high resolution and illumination is consistent, providing a clean image to build on, making their supreme colour rendition ideal for VFX-heavy productions.

Feature Highlights

  • Leitz Prime Lenses available for hire at Shift 4: 18, 21, 25, 29, 35, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100, 135, 180mm
  • 1.8 (18mm to 135mm) & T2.0 (180mm)
  • Lens Mounts: PL with Cooke/i
  • Front Diameter: 114mm
  • Front Filter & Rear Filter: M112mm x 1.5mm screw-in / Via net holder
  • Matched Focus/Iris Ring Locations: All focal lengths
  • Focus Rotation & Iris Rotation: 270° (except 18mm 207°) & 66° (except 180mm 63°)
  • Turnable focus scales, easily changed from imperial to metric
  • Iris Blades & Shape: 15 Blades & Circular through all stops
  • Colour Matching with Leitz Zoom lenses

Technically, each lens incorporates geared focus and iris control rings, sharing these positions across the entire Leitz Prime set, which removes the need to adjust the follow focus or lens control system. A built-in lens support foot removes strain from the lens mount, maintaining the optimal image-taking condition of these superbly crafted lenses.

Internally, the focus design on the Leitz Primes set includes a durable cam-follower with a non-rotating front, making them a perfect fit for quick changes between matte boxes. The 15-blade iris offers a beautifully smooth circular iris, giving natural-looking bokeh, and the 270° focus rotation provides extremely accurate focus marks and focus pulls.

Engineered to cover the VistaVision frame, the Leitz Primes project a usable image circle of 46.5mm in diameter and are compatible with almost every camera with a PL lens port.

Other than the 180mm lens, which has a maximum aperture of T2.0, every other lens in this set has a T1.8, minimizing concerns regarding exposure variations when cutting between lenses.

For 100 years, Leitz have been at the forefront of the optical engineering industry. Now cinema is firmly in its digital era, the Leitz Primes are an ideal choice for filmmakers today.

As Seen In:

The feature: Cyrano (2021) was filmed with the Leitz Primes, shot by cinematographer, Seamus McGarvey. McGarvey was initially concerned the lenses wouldn’t be appropriate for a period film, but states:

‘’When I saw the lenses on the ARRI Alexa Mini LF I was surprised by their unique attributes. The soft roll off of focus was very appealing and their warmth was pleasantly unexpected. They also have this flare characteristic that I really loved…The lenses seem to attract light and are a bit subject to blooming, which creates this lovely opalescence when you have hot highlights in the frame… When testing I found that I was able to use the Leitz Prime lenses like three separate sets of lenses by adjusting the lighting and filtration, creating looks from balmy nostalgia to high contrast horror scape with quite minor adjustments really.

Anatomy of a Scandal (2022) on Netflix was also shot on the Leitz Primes by cinematographer, Balazs Bolygo.

Shift-4 has a selection of Leitz Cine lenses also available for hire:

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Hire a Leitz Primes from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 21mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 29mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 35mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 50mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 75mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 135mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 18mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 25mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 40mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 65mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 100mm Leitz Prime T1.8
  • 180mm Leitz Prime T2.0

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